Our services and expertise

We at Stepacross are able to support your Reviews and Change Management decisions in a variety of ways:

  • Designing and facilitating good consultation with those most likely to be at risk from the changes.
  • Conducting high quality research to support the review using evidence from our innovative networking techniques.
  • Contributing to your Equality and other Impact Risk Assessments with lessons learnt from the above.

Why Use Our Approach?

Our strong links with local communities (especially hard to reach groups), and our track record of good research, consultation and evaluation in Southampton, positions us at the heart of a range of groups likely to be most affected by any changes to services and least likely to engage in public consultation by traditional means.

We earn a living through:

Supporting organisations to make decisions, deliver change, make improvements, and grow in these difficult economic conditions; and add further value to their work:

  • Helping to develop flexible and innovative ways of working to maximise Value for Money, including the social value of the work they do, whatever the business
  • Making organisations more self-aware through engaging with service users, stakeholders and communities; and to understanding how to assess the impact of what they do
  • Where it delivers better value for money and outcomes for service users, securing new and better ways of joint-working with partners (across commissioners, procurers and service providers)
  • Support boosting income generation activities in order to free up scarce resources: Managing facilities or resources on their behalf and maximise their social impact.

We give back to the community through:

Direct support for our community is focused where it can make a difference.  We use profits from our trading activities and from our expertise to support the following programmes of work.

  • The Placebook – Web based resources for our community to support action on the issues important to them; Locate networks and resources using open access interactive maps; Provide information to challenge and ask questions about how to make improvements; Cut the red tape, breaking down the barriers to action.
  • SIGN (Southampton Intergenerational Network) - Our growing network of approximately 100 individuals, groups, and organisations are committed to engaging the skills, knowledge and resources held in all generations to improve our city.

We are passionate about technology and innovation becoming tools for improving accessibility of services for hard-to-reach groups, not them just being barriers that need to be mitigated.

Ways Stepacross can to support your Charity, Social Enterprise or Community Group:

To carry out an initial health check of your business activities, to ensure:

  • Your Business Plan, Policies and procedures are “grant / commissioning ready”, e.g.: Equalities, H&S, Safeguarding (Adults & Children), Financial information
  • That your approach to Grant / Commissioning Funding is risk-based
  • You are using the best information and intelligence required for funding applications
  • You are making best use of co-production and collaboration opportunities
  • You challenge your profile for attracting funders and commissioners and maximise your marketing and web presence

We can prepare a “Lessons Learnt” briefing report to enable you to prioritise for you actions.

List of other potential on-going activities you can spot-purchase from:

  • Supporting your Grant & Funding applications in a number of ways, e.g. helping you select right ones to work for; local needs analysis research; quality checking your work (for an agreed spot purchase price per application)
  • Other “Back of House” management functions

We will anyway be keen to provide you (for free) a range of further Value for Money, including Social Value opportunities to link into - as there are many ways you will be able to use our SIGN and Placebook products.

Relevant skills and experience of our team

Director Stephen Press is a former Directorate Performance and Development Manager (Community Protection) at Westminster City Council, and; the Corporate Performance Manager, then Corporate Improvement Manager at Southampton City Council.

Latterly as Southampton Partnership’s LAA Programme Manager, he developed Value for Money evaluation tools to measure the impact of partnership projects. His reports, (describing the Economic, Efficiency, Effectiveness and Social Value impacts to the individual, wider community and delivery agencies) were well received by SCC’s COMT and Southampton Partnership’s Delivery Board.

In 2011 he was seconded to SCC’s Efficiency and Business Transformation team, to successfully manage the Strategic Review of their Parks and Street Cleansing functions.

Our established team of research associates include a range of post-doctorate and post graduate researchers led by Dr Naomi Harflett, formerly of Southampton University’s Centre for 3rd Sector Research.

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