Managing Facilities, Resources or Grants

Facilities Management

biuld2We are fully qualified & experienced in facility management & offer services to charities, local authorities, universities & SME’s. Buildings & facilities can be very costly.  We can either offer advice, research or even a full management service. We want to work with you to deliver maximum benefit to the community & the people your serve. Our pricing is reflective of the scale & type of organisation as well as the facilities involved. In this context even small actions could save thousands of pounds each year so are well worth investing in. We have found our services are generally cost neutral as organisations save far more than we cost.

We can advise you how to make facilities work hard to;

  • Generate income
  • Reduce costs
  • Deliver added social value & more efficient services
  • Spread your business risk

Our Services

  • Trustees / managers briefings. A low cost preliminary briefing outlining a range of potential options & risks from the list above. We can facilitate the discussions amongst your management committee/ directors in the best possible way to generate appropriate opportunities which can be explored. – from £125
  • Research report & feedback session. Formally identifying opportunities & risks of a range of approaches for each of the areas. Data is shared in a written & report & other formats & directly fed back to the management committee to help inform your decision making. This interactive style is a great way to maximise our findings to your advantage. From £500
  • Operational planning. Next stage practical support to avoid the pitfalls & to exploit opportunities in the right way first time.- from £500
  • Full management service. Research, planning & implementation support. Start to finish support service to take the weight out of this area.

groupmangementAdvantages of Using Stepacross CIC

The cost of our work in this area is nearly always covered by the savings made.

We provide you with the additional capacity – you don’t need to divert resources way from your other work.

We can work with you giving full support to a fixed finish point –if that is the most economically viable option for you.

We can consider longer term – co-production opportunities working together where & only if this makes a difference.

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