Boosting & Diversifying Your Income Streams

Our services include;

  1. Reviewing your income strategy
  2. Boosting your income generation through sales
  3. Helping small organisations to win/ benefit from tenders and contracts
  4. Helping you create or be part of Funding Syndicates
  5. Accessing or understanding Social Finance
  6. Checking vetting grant / funding applications

Reviewing Your Income Strategy

riskYou can spot purchase our services to review either you whole income generation strategy or just a grants and funding strategy. We can apply our risk based approach, working with you to develop a plan and mitigate and spread the risks identified. We have many examples of how we have done this for others.

Boosting Income Generation from Sales (Products & Services)

monthlysalesThis is something which is often a difficult concept for the voluntary sector and not for profit statutory services to get to grips with. We can help to make your organisations ready to boost your income through sales. Examples of the support we provide include.

  • Support for Trustees /Directors and Managers (making the strategic, tactical and operational decisions to ensure success)
  • Market / Product Research – (identifying gaps in the market, pricing products and understanding your organisation’s capacity to deliver)
  • Staff and volunteer training. Income generation does require some new skills and the change must be embraced and managed throughout the workforce.  We have a range of staff training or operational training processes packages which could be tailored to suit your needs

We have examples of how we successfully supported others increase their income within Universities, Charities, & Social Enterprise.

Helping Small Organisations to Win Tenders and Contracts

busnessplan2For many small organisations tendering seems like an income channel that is no long available to them. The whole tendering process is often too big a challenge to contemplate. But that doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from the financial stability of contracts.

We can offer you support and advice to gear up & position yourself well in the marketplace to benefit from this vital income stream.

With our help small can still be beautiful.

Funding Syndicates

We understand the benefits of being part of formal or informal funding syndicates and have experience of setting up and being a members of both.

Accessing Social Finance

We can help organisations such as charities and social enterprise to access social finance in order to grow. We can also support and inform your initial appraisal of the suitability of this approach to determine if it could work for you.

checkinggrantsChecking Vetting Grant / Funding Applications

We can provide an affordable spot purchased review/ grant application checking/appraisal and feedback service

  • Review and feedback of mini funding application –(under £2000) = £70
  • Review and feedback of Small funding application –(under £10000) = £200


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