Southampton Partnership - LAA Programme Manager

Stepacross carried out an interim review after year one. We then set up and delivered the needed enhanced programme management (over the next 2 years) of the City’s twelve highest priority improvement projects. These were delivered by partnership working across all sectors. As a result, secured improvements that delivered major health and wellbeing outcome achievements by partners across the city, and secured a performance reward grant of £4.6 M (later reduced to £2.3M by Central Govt grant cuts) to reinvest into the city’s priorities.

We developed their value for money strategy and toolkit. Stepacross then carried out VFM reviews to evaluate a range of partnership projects (including several health & wellbeing projects). We reported findings to their management board.

In 2011 we designed and switched on a cross service delivery fund, created from the Reward Grant from the LAA Programme. We then:

  • Evaluated applications for proposed cross-agency projects from Southampton Connect partners who applied for the grants
  • Developed their detailed action delivery
  • And monitored delivery

Stepacross carried out Peer Reviews of Intergenerational Programmes at Portsmouth CC and Northampton CC on behalf of the National Government’s Ageing Well campaign.

We also supported SCC’s Efficiency and Business Transformation, by managing the Strategic Review of their Parks and Street Cleansing functions.

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