Southampton City Council - Consultation on the Impact of Changes to Information & Advice Services on Vulnerable & Diverse Communities

In September 2013 Stepacross were able to contribute to the consultation in a number of ways by using our strong links with hard to reach groups and our track record of good research and consultation in Southampton.

Working at the 3AC centre heart of a range of groups likely to be most affected by any changes to public services and least likely to engage in public consultation by traditional means. And our through own networks as Stepacross CIC, SIGN and The Placebook:

We were also asked to describe opportunities to support the review by:

  • Supporting the designing and facilitate good consultation with those most likely to be at risk from the changes
  • Conducting high quality research to support the review using evidence from our innovative networking techniques
  • Contributing to Equality and other Impact Risk Assessments with lessons learnt from the above
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