Barriers to Employment in Southampton Research Project

Stepacross CIC along with other 3AC Hub Partners are building on our existing work in the local community and have carried out a research project to help, understand and then resolve barriers of getting people in the city into employment. The aim is to develop a better understanding of existing provision and community need and to help .

The project entailed:

We analysed the health issues (mental/physical/social) that people tend to raise.

As part of this project we:

  • Carried out a detailed (electronic) survey among the current Employment Support providers in the city (and the wider Solent area).
  • Consulted some key players to identify the killer issues for the city.
  • Analysed the health issues that people tend to raise (mental / physical / social)
  • Created an Employability resource information library for service providers and commissioners
  • Tested a new approach on our >40's Job Club to make best use of available support in our area
  • Switched on a new Southampton Placebook map to help people find a wider range of support to help them into employment across the city

We completed the first phase of this project by the end of March.

As we are committed to improving partnership working and co-production across the city, we reported back the findings to the Building Bridges Forum on Employment (coordinated by SVS).

We then

  • Published what we learnt to all who contributed to the survey
  • Used the research to switch on a new, free to access The Placebook map. It will help people (service providers and end users) find a wide range of support across the city. 

The Placebook

  • If you want to use the free open-access resource directory and map across the city, that can help people find work or set up their own business, then check out the Employability Map on The Placebook site. 
  • If you want to register how (what, where and when) your organisation does in the city, (not just to help people into employment/self employment) then check our other networks and tools on The Placebook. Then just follow the steps from the homepage.

Reports on the opportunities and barriers for the over 50s

(Available from our download section)

To download the report:- Employability Suport in the Southampton Area - Barriers to Employment review Please click HERE

  1. Small Business All Party Group Inquiry into the Role of Entrepreneurs in Driving Economic Growth Written evidence submitted by us into the lack of a policy framework  for the over 50s and the economic and social potential of this group. Submitted January 2012.
  2. The Grey Economy - A report on how third age entrepreneurs are contributing to growth. Published August 2009.
  3. Working better The ageing of the population has led policy-makers to put a high priority on extending working life. However, little attention has been paid to creating the conditions to enable people to work beyond retirement age. This report addresses the over 50s and the new work generation.  Published September 2011.
  4. The Older Female Entrepreneur  - We have put together some interesting statistics about the older female entrepreneur.
  5. Make Business, Your Business  - Lord Young’s report on supporting the start-up and development of small business. Published May 2012.
  6. Too Much To Lose  - A report by Policy Exchange which examines the position of over-50s in the UK labour market. It outlines the large barriers to work that they face and highlights that the majority of these barriers remain unaddressed by government support. Published in 2012.
  7. Unfinished Business  - The Resolution Foundation reports on the barriers and opportunities for older workers. Published August 2012.
  8. SIGN -  The Southampton Intergenerational Network
  9. Our growing network of over 100 individuals, groups, and organisations who are committed to engaging the skills, knowledge and resources held in all generations to improve our city.
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