This web-based resource exists & does not cost anything to use. It supports;

  • local people & community activists
  • Counsellors, commissioners & researchers
  • Groups, organisations & voluntary services

It can be used to

  • Map list, locate & advertise existing community action, services, outlets or venues
  • Identify needs & local assets including partners to work with locally
  • Co-ordinate internal/closed networks
  • Support multi-site /multi agency working

Our offer to you - for free

We support the site & provide briefings email alerts & information about how to use the site.

We ask you to consider how you or your organisation could;

  • Use The Placebook as a free resource to meet your own aims
  • How you could bring additional resources or opportunities to collaborate in order to build on the good work already being done

The Placebook it’s designed to support your work but it requires users

It is the ultimate in non bureaucratic & low cost tactic. No licence agreements or purchase required.

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